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Why purchase a book when there are so many free information available online?

Well, who doesn’t love free stuff? But did you know free information in the internet is generally difficult, inconsistent, misleading or simply incorrect.

There are so many things which you cannot find on the internet, but to your rescue, we have something for you.. and that’s our ebooks. They will be your best friend throughout your life.

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Learn Canyon Formulation School brings to you a healthy and monetarily enriching way to make your skin go from dull to dawn. The 100 Formulas “For Your Cosmetics” Volume 1 is a book showcasing our tried and tested formulas that you can use to energize your skin.

With our “Learn the Art of Crafting Organic Serums” eBook, you’ll receive a wealth of knowledge that no other resource can offer. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to create high-performing, all-natural serums that will captivate your customers and elevate your skincare business.

The book is a guide to formulate and preserve a plethora of skincare products enriched with Vitamin C, troubleshoot if and when you mess up and practice. It is an expert’s guidance on the process of formulation with VITAMIN C, keeping in mind the essence of natural and organic beauty.

Introducing….. “7 Step Skincare Routine” An E-Book To Step-By-Step Guide You Into Formulating Your Entire Skincare Routine. Learn to formulate a range of 7 highly essential Skincare products for youthful, naturally glowing skin inside an easy to follow eBook.

Welcome to the world of organic serums, where we help you learn the art of creating luxurious, all-natural skincare products to rejuvenate your skin from within! This one-of-a-kind eBook will provide unparalleled insight into the world of organic shampoo, empowering you to create your own line of highly effective products.

Are You Ready To Master 30+ Amazing Body Butter Formulations Today? Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or dream of a thriving business, our ebook empowers you to start your journey towards radiant, beautiful skin and a successful skincare enterprise. Our body butter Mastery ebook is your gateway to creating and launching your own line of luxurious body butters.

This Ebook contains detailed chapters on skin & sunscreen, history of sunscreens, understanding sunscreen’s role, SPF, types of sunscreens, legal requirements, formulation development, innovations, equipment, and quality assurance.


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