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Book Cover | Guide to Face oils
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Organic Face Oils Recipes

This FREE guide will acknowledge about 3 exotic professional face oils formula used widely in organic skincare. You will learn step by step to formulate face oils. Learn to formulate your own face oils and share your creation with us.

Book Cover | Guide to Face oils

Overview of the E-book

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About The Founder of Learn Canyon

Priya, founder of Learn canyon

🌚 I am Priya, the founder of your beloved Learn Canyon. I’m a shy but super passionate butterfly who loves all things green and organic. 🌿

🌻On a bright sunny day, you’d find me either spending time in nature or conducting tiny skincare experiments in my very own laboratory. 🧪

Here’s how Learn Canyon came into the picture

I started my journey out of retail in chemical-based products and moved on to carefully crafting organic goods.

 While 2015 was all about teaching myself from a variety of internet sources and graduating in Cosmetic Technology; 2016 was when I launched my own brand. Well, Learn Canyon followed soon after.🧴👩‍💻

✨I started drafting courses while I taught through numerous educational workshops. Learn Canyon came up with its first online course in 2018, sweeping everyone off their feet as it promoted organic, green and chemical free ways to a beautiful skin. 🌿

Learn Canyon today has more than 4.5K students with the numbers only increasing. 6 of our wonderful and professionally trained experts teach you all that you need to know about organic skincare. 😁🌱

Learn Canyon Formulation School is here with multimedia courses that have detailed formulation and also provide certification for our students to excel in their dreams.

I did my research and so I did my learning. Here I am with my skincare and haircare brand. These courses are not just any random courses but indeed they are a path for all those who dream like me to have their own brand.

You do not need a degree to be a formulator.  All that you need to have is correct sources of information, formulas and experienced mentors. 

SAVE $200 OFF | Use Coupon Code " MARCH2024 "