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Acacia & xanthan gum (Solagum AX)

SOLAGUM AX is made up of acacia and xanthan gums. In both cold and hot water, this product dissolves instantly.
A novel acacia and xanthan gum combination - SOLAGUM AX
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    What is a solagum AX?

    Solagum Ax  is a novel acacia and xanthan gum blend. The blend has been fine-tuned to provide the optimum results, and it comes from a cutting-edge manufacturing technique.

    The concept of long-term development Acacia gum is harvested in Africa’s sub-Saharan region, and it is one of the continent’s most important sources of revenue. This encourages residents to lead sedentary lifestyles. The plucking is done by hand and in an environmentally friendly manner. Acacia forests act as a natural barrier against desertification. 100% renewable energy.

    What is it? SOLAGUM AX is made up of acacia and xanthan gums. In both cold and hot water, this product dissolves instantly.
    INCI Acacia Senegal Gum (and) Xanthan Gum
    Appearance White to beige powder
    Texture Fine and soft
    Recommended Usage 0.1% to 3%
    Solubility Water soluble
    Melting point NA
    Boiling point NA
    pH 3-12
    Aroma No Odour
    Why do we include it in formulations? SOLAGUM AX is a non-dusty powder that acts as a natural thickening, stabilising, and texturing polymer.
    How to work with it? Cold water and hot water at 70-80°C are both instantly soluble.
    Applications Thickening, stabilising, and texturizing are all functions of this multifunctional product. Forms aqueous gels that are transparent in appearance. Outstanding electrolyte resistance. Suspension power is excellent. Property to form a film Fluid to medium-consistency textures are available.
    Absorption rate Fast
    Strength The thickening and stabilising polymer is made entirely of natural ingredients.
    Weaknesses It doesn't mix well with cationic surfactants.
    Substitution Alginates
    How to store it? At a temperature of 50°-77°F (10°-25°C), protected from direct light and humidity
    Shelf life 12 months is the recommended shelf life.
    Type of ingredient Gum
    Main benefits Polymer that thickens and stabilises naturally.
    Who should use it All skin types
    How often can you use it? Daily
    Works well with The majority of the surfactant, as well as other skincare ingredients.
    Doesn't work with NA
    How to use Add to your formulation's cool down step.

    Mechanisms of action

    SOLAGUM AX is a thickening and stabilising polymer made entirely of natural substances. These bind to the skin’s and hair’s proteins and deposit, adhere, or absorb them. They soften and smoothen the skin and hair while improving skin feel and hair manageability.

    Benefits of solagum ax

    Solagum AX is a special mix of acacia and xanthan gum, two of the most effective natural poly-sugars in cosmetics. Xanthan gum is a good emulsion stabiliser and thickener, resulting in solutions with high viscosity and a gel-like appearance (but no true gel structure).

    Acacia gum is not as successful as xanthan at increasing viscosity, but it improves product texture and gives emulsions, creams, and surfactant-containing products like shampoos and shower gels a smooth consistency as well as a pleasant skin feel.

    Side effects of Solagum AX

    There are no known side effects.

    How to use it in formulation?

    Fill a beaker halfway with water and heat to 75°C. Pre-mix Solagum AX and glycerine in a separate beaker before adding to the water. Allow 20 minutes to hydrate in the aqueous phase with medium stirring. Weigh all of the materials for the oil phase into a separate beaker and heat to 75°C.

    Add the oil phase to the water phase while mixing once both phases have achieved 75°C. Homogenise. Allow for cooling of the emulsion while stirring. Add the preservative to the mix. Check the pH level. Solagum AX is very easy to work with and disperses effectively in both cold and hot water.

    Works well with other ingredients

    The majority of the surfactant, as well as other skincare ingredients work well with solagum AX.

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