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Baobab Oil Is the Dry Skin Rescuer

The seeds of the Adansonia tree are used to make baobab oil. This tree is one of Africa’s most recognisable trees.
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    Baobab Oil I

    Baobab oil is a relatively unknown plant oil, which is remarkable given how beneficial it is to the skin. It has numerous moisturising, nourishing, and conditioning properties for skin, which is why we incorporate it into our natural skincare routine so frequently. It is also extremely anti-aging for the skin, which aids us in developing the greatest anti-aging skincare solutions. So, what is it about baobab oil that makes it so unique?

    What is Baobab oil?

    “You can’t have it all,” said no one who had never heard of baobab oil. Baobab oil is a luxury, nutrient-rich oil pressed from the seeds of the baobab tree. It has numerous health benefits. It’s a plant-based moisturiser that’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and omega fatty acids. Because of its lightweight, silky texture that absorbs rapidly and isn’t greasy, baobab oil is perfect for use on skin and hair. The strong benefits of baobab oil have been known by African communities for years, but the rest of the world was unaware of them until recently.

    What is it? The seeds of the Adansonia tree are used to make baobab oil. This tree is one of Africa's most recognisable trees.
    INCI Organic Adansonia Digitata (baobab) oil
    Appearance Yellow Liquid
    Texture Liquid
    Recommended Usage 1-10%
    Solubility Oil soluble 1
    Melting point NA
    Boiling point NA
    pH NA
    Aroma Characteristic nutty aroma
    Why do we include it in formulations? The hydrating, moisturising, and occlusive qualities of baobab are well-known.
    How to work with it? It can be used directly in formulations or added to the fat phase.
    Applications Baobab oil has strong moisturising characteristics and can be used in a variety of cosmetics. Baobab oil is one of Africa's most well-known oils.
    Absorption rate Fast
    Strength Baobab oil is high in omega fatty acids, which help to reduce inflammation.
    Weaknesses Before applying oils to the skin, always dilute them with a carrier oil.
    Substitution Jojoba oil
    How to store it? Store light-protected at a cool and dry place
    Shelf life Baobab oil has a two-year shelf life
    Type of ingredient Hydrator Skin
    Main benefits Skin is moisturised, soothed, and dry cuticles and hair are healed.
    Who should use it Anyone whose skin is dry or sensitive.
    How often can you use it? Baobab is safe to use on a daily basis.
    Works well with Baobab oil can be used alone or in combination with other oils, masks, and moisturisers.
    Doesn't work with Baobab is generally safe to combine with other ingredients.
    How to use It can be used directly in formulations or added to the fat phase.

    Mechanisms of action

    Baobab oil is a must-have for dry skin and hair due to its high moisture content. It acts to rehydrate the skin while also strengthening the skin barrier to prevent external aggressors from depleting moisture levels. “Essential fatty acids, such as Omega 6 and 9, help the skin barrier,” Caceres explains. Eczema, dryness, and psoriasis can all benefit from it. “It’s high in vitamins A, E, and F, as well as vital fatty acids like Omega 6 and 9, Beta Carotene, vitamin C, and linoleic acid,” Caceres explains. These ingredients work in tandem to reduce skin redness and inflammation (but more on that later).

    Benefits of Baobab oil

    1. Baobab oil helps to maintain a healthy moisture barrier on the skin.

    The outermost layer of the epidermis is your skin’s barrier, and it’s responsible for keeping your skin hydrated. A good skin barrier maintains your skin soft and smooth by locking in moisture and preventing it from drying out. Taking care of your skin’s barrier over time will aid in the prevention of ageing and the maintenance of strong, healthy skin. Baobab oil nourishes the skin barrier, whilst some skin care treatments destroy it. Vitamin E, found in baobab oil, is excellent for hydrating the skin and maintaining a healthy skin moisture barrier.

    1. Baobab oil helps collagen to last longer.

    Collagen is a protein that makes up a third of the protein in your body and is responsible for the strength and flexibility of your skin. Collagen production slows as we age, so it’s critical to nourish your skin with a nutritious diet and adequate skin care. Baobab oil is high in antioxidants, which aid to protect collagen and keep skin healthy and radiant when applied to the skin.

    1. Baobab oil fights wrinkles and fine lines.

    Collagen degradation causes fine lines and wrinkles, as you might expect. Collagen degradation can be caused by UV radiation, a poor diet, insufficient sleep, and other factors (and eventually wrinkles). Fortunately, the antioxidants in baobab oil assist to preserve collagen. Baobab oil keeps fine lines and wrinkles at bay by preventing collagen breakdown, in addition to keeping in moisture for soft skin.

    1. Baobab oil softly cleanses

    Did you know you can use baobab oil as an oil cleanser? Massage a few drops of baobab oil into your skin as the first step in your skincare routine to break down pore-clogging debris, then rinse it away with water. Because oil dissolves oil, this is an excellent way to remove makeup and pollutants gently at the end of the day.

    1. Baobab oil protects against UV radiation.


    Vitamin E, which is found in baobab oil, has been demonstrated to help reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Vitamin E can absorb UV light’s energy and protect skin from free radical damage caused by the sun. Although baobab oil will not replace sunscreen, it will hydrate and protect your skin at the same time.

    Side effects of Baobab oil

    Because baobab oil is so benign, there are no known adverse effects. However, for people with sensitive skin or allergies, any plant-derived material could be an allergy or irritant. Experts advocate trying the item on a tiny area of skin and waiting 24 hours before applying it more widely, as they would with any new beauty product.

    How to use it in formulation?

    The simplest method to include baobab oil in your skincare routine is to look for a product that already includes the moisturising multitasker. It can be used directly in formulations or added to the fat phase.


    Work well with other ingredients

    Baobab oil is moderate enough to use on a daily basis. “Baobab oil can be used every day or night, alone or in combination with your facial moisturiser or masque,” Caceres advises. Using it during the day will provide additional environmental protection against free radical damage because it includes strong antioxidant levels (which are responsible for premature signs of ageing). While baobab oil is suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin, it’s always a good idea to check with your dermatologist before starting a new skincare regimen. A patch test can help assure that your skin will not react to the medication.

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