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Sorbitan olivate (Olivem 900)

Olivem 900 is a Peg-free, low HLB emulsifier, co-emulsifier in W/S formulations, structuring agent for colour cosmetics, and dispersion agent developed by Hallstar.
Sorbitan Olivate
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    Emulsion With Sorbitan Olivate: How to make it ?

    An emulsifier is a substance that aids in the mixing of incompatible materials, such as oil and water, and keeps them from separating.

    In cosmetics, emulsifying waxes and other types of emulsifiers are used to blend oils and watery ingredients into creams, lotions, and other wonderful products.

    One of the more recent additions is sorbitan olivate. Let’s look at what ingredients are and how to correctly use them.

    What is Sorbitan olivate?

    Sorbitan Olivate is a wax-like substance with a slightly yellow colour. It’s manufactured from olives and can be found in a number of natural beauty products.

    It’s used in colour cosmetics like lipsticks, as well as as a water-in-oil emulsifier. It’ll come as a relief to learn that it’s far easier to use in emulsions than lecithin, though the skin feel of those made with Olivem 900 will differ.

    What is it? Olivem 900 is a Peg-free, low HLB emulsifier, co-emulsifier in W/S formulations, structuring agent for colour cosmetics, and dispersion agent developed by Hallstar.
    INCI Sorbitan Olivate
    Appearance Ivory white colored flakes
    Texture Flakes
    Recommended Usage 0.5-3%
    Solubility Water soluble
    Melting point 70°C
    Boiling point NA
    pH 3-7
    Aroma Characteristics aroma
    Why do we include it in formulations? With its silky, ultra-light texture, it can improve skin-care and make-up formulations.
    How to work with it? It was added during the water phase.
    Applications Olivem 900 is a powder dispersion that has a good wash-off resistance. It's designed to disperse pigments, but it also has multipurpose uses and great sensory qualities.
    Absorption rate Average to fast
    Strength Polyphenols and phytosterols are abundant, all of which aid in the reduction of indications of ageing.
    Weaknesses Ingredients that are expensive
    Substitution Polawax or Eco E wax are emulsifying waxes.
    How to store it? Store in airtight containers away from direct sunlight.
    Shelf life 60-month shelf life

    Fast Facts

    Type of ingredient Emulsifier
    Main benefits OliveM 900 is a PEG-free emulsifying wax for oil-in-water emulsions that is ECOCERT and COSMOS approved.
    Who should use it All skin types
    How often can you use it? Daily
    Works well with Most of the ingredients
    Doesn't work with There are no components with which Sorbitan olivate does not work well.
    How to use Added in the oil phase of your formulation

    Mechanisms of action

    Sorbitan Olivate is commonly used as an emulsifier, emollient, and gentle cleanser. It’s commonly a waxy liquid that aids in the mixing of oils and water in our recipes.

    Emulsifiers do not lose their emulsifying properties in the skin, thus they cause a wash-out effect (washing out the good), especially when your skin comes into touch with water. Emulsifiers interfere with our skin barrier’s capacity to protect us from the elements.

    Emulsifier molecules function by possessing a hydrophilic (water-loving) and a hydrophobic (water-hating) end (water-hating). The hydrophilic end of the emulsifier molecule binds to water, while the hydrophobic end binds to fat/oil.

    Benefits of Sorbitan olivate

    Olivem 900 is a water-in-oil emulsifier produced from olive chemistry. It is non-ionic, natural-based, and PEG-free. It’s a co-emulsifier with a low HLB value that can be employed in formulations.

    It’s ideal for creating anhydrous systems and emulsions of water in oil. Sorbitan olivate gives moisturising characteristics to cosmetics, in addition to acting as an emulsifier and thickener. It’s soft enough to use even on the most sensitive skin.

    Side effects of Sorbitan olivate

    There aren’t any negative side effects. Ingredients produced from sorbitan are considered safe for use on the skin.

    How to use it in formulation?

    It’s a low-HLB emulsifier that can be employed as a co-emulsifier in formulations. It’s ideal for creating anhydrous systems and emulsions of water and oil.

    When combined with esters and oils, it forms a gel that can range from solid to pourable, depending on the lipid and its polarity. The combination of 30% Olivem 900 and 70% lipid produced gels that were stable, easy to disperse, and had a nice, dry but emollient texture.

    As the ratio changes, the viscosity changes, but the gelling action is maintained down to 10% Olivem 900 to 90% lipid. It’s also possible to mix powders and pigments into the gels, making it a versatile colour cosmetics structuring agent.

    Work well with other ingredients

    Sorbitan olivate is a comprehensive natural emulsifying system for W/O, O/W, and multiple emulsion systems (W/O/W) in cosmetic formulations.

    Because of its unusual molecular structure, this innovative molecule can be employed as a functional lipidic system in lipsticks, make-up, and siliconic systems. Most of the components go well with them.

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